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Evil Dead The Game: How To Beat The "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free... With A Chainsaw!" Mission

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Usually, the multiplayer gamers are the ones that can boast about being hardcore. But the winning percentage for either side should hover around 50% in Evil Dead: The Game for these modes and the win rate will be a fraction of this in single-player.The Evil Dead's Connection to Michigan ExplainedThere is a hint of a trial and error for Evil Dead: The Game that exists, having players gradually piece together the right way to go about business until finally perfecting it for a final run.

For players that don't feel like losing over and over again, here is a strategy that should yield an early victory on this first mission.At the start, don't head to the checkpoint right away.

There are some matchsticks, extra ammo, and, most importantly, a Shemp's Cola (by the trap door) in the household. That shotgun only starts with two shells in it and no back ammunition.

Pick up all ammunition, even if it's not for the shotgun, in case of switching weapons later.Cutting down on encounters is a good idea.

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