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How to beat the 7-Star Decidueye Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have gone a bit wild with Tera Raids this past month. As much of a surprise as Walking Wake and Iron Leaves were, the absolute insanity of 7-Star Pikachu threw the raiding community for a loop.

For better or for worse, we’re back to business as usual with a showdown against the final evolution of a previous game’s starter.

Thankfully, it isn’t nearly as hard as the thunder mouse. Like other 7-Star events, Decidueye will always carry the Flying Tera Type, and its strategy will remain consistent.

While you can only catch Decidueye once, you can continue to farm the fight for loot like Ability Patches and Bottle Caps. It appears the Tera Shard gains from the Pikachu fight are the new norm from now on too, which thankfully alleviates the insane grind for the items by a tiny bit.

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