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Genshin Impact Is Becoming One Of The Most Expensive Games Ever Made

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Genshin Impact was a breakout success for Shanghai-based miHoYo, becoming an internationally popular game played on mobile, PC, and consoles.

But the resources required to make the title were big. Very big. During initial development, the game's budget was $100 million leading up to its launch on September 28, 2020.

Skip to the present day, and Genshin Impact might well be the most expensive game ever made (thanks Game Rant). That's because miHoYo constantly updates the game with new content, updates, and social events, rolled out to all the platforms the game is available on.

According to one estimate, Genshin Impact is set to become the most expensive game ever developed. Related: Does Anyone Really Like Genshin Impact For The Gameplay?

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