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Proceed to the location shown in the paintings: Genshin Impact Sumeru quest guide

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Genshin Impact Sumeru has lots of puzzles, and one that has a high difficulty is called Static Views. This quest will require players to proceed to the location shown in the paintings inside the Aranyaka gadget.

There are 10 paintings in total, and players need to complete the quests within Aranyaka to unlock all of them in the gadget.Each location in the paintings is not hard to find for players who have already explored crooks and nannies in Sumeru.

However, gamers who travel at a slower pace may find it hard to assume which location the painting is showing. This article will guide players to all the locations shown in the paintings in Genshin Impact.Before starting, it is crucial to note that some Genshin Impact players may have less than 10 paintings in their Aranyaka gadget.

They can unlock more by completing Aranyaka Chapters such as Varuna Gatha, Agnihotra Sutra, and others.Travelers can start by teleporting to the Statue of the Seven in Vanarana and go to the front of the statue to see the Dig option.

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