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How to connect all four relays in the middle: Genshin Impact Sumeru quest guide

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One part that seems to have stumped several Genshin Impact players is the "connect all four relays in the middle" step in one of the latest quests.

Naturally, a guide is in order. The game does tell Travelers how to do it, but it's not necessarily the most intuitive.Note: This guide will presume that the reader has already completed all of the steps in Vimana Agama: Jazari's Chapter prior to the "Connect all four relays in the middle" step.The first thing Genshin Impact players have to do is arrive at the middle floor.

Once they select the "Go to the middle level" option, they must step onto the elevator to reach the middle floor.There is a relay with some static energy flowing about in the northwest section.

Go near it and select the "Draw" option.Genshin Impact players should now head east for a bit to see where they're allowed to "Place" their recent possession.

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