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Genshin Impact Sumeru enemies and wildlife: Fungi, Eremites, Electro Regisvine, and more

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The Sumeru region of Genshin Impact is a nation known for its wisdom, flora, and foliage. In addition to tons of unique building structures, players can also find new creatures and enemies waiting to be discovered in the area.HoYoverse released the fourth volume of the Sumeru Adventure Journal on August 20, which only included certain creatures and opponents.

This way, Travelers can discover more content for themselves in the new version by exploring the Dendro region when it arrives.Fungi may not be a new type of enemy in Genshin Impact as there are already 'Floating Hydro Fungus' in The Chasm: The Underground Mines, but Sumeru has a new variety of Fungi that players will encounter soon.The names themselves give away a lot of information about their capabilities, such as the fact that the Whirling Electro Fungus may have a spin attack that inflicts Electro damage on active characters.

In The Chasm, the Floating Hydro Fungus is found in groups and is never alone. So, players can likely expect these new types of Fungi to be found in groups in Sumeru as well.Eremite Desert Clearwater and Eremite Sunfrost are the only Eremite enemies officially introduced in the Adventure Journal.

Since Eremite is known to be a loosely-organized mercenary corps and is willing to work for anyone as long as the pay is good, Travelers can expect more Eremite enemies, similar to Treasure Hoarders, in the upcoming Sumeru update.Automatons will have a new family member with the addition of Ruin Drake: Earthguard and Skywatch.

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