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Evil Dead: The Game - Crossplay Guide

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While the single-player campaign can provide a few solid hours of entertainment, it's clear that Evil Dead: The Game was meant to be appreciated as a multiplayer phenomenon.

Nothing can bring a group of pals closer together than surviving the horrors of the multiplayer experience together.The Evil Dead's Connection to Michigan ExplainedWhile the game itself had a smooth launch, some players are still wondering how they can play with their best pals on other consoles.

The settings can be a bit tricky to find, so follow along. Everybody on all consoles should be staving off death in Evil Dead: The Game in just a couple of clicks.From the initial screen, go to settings.

From there, scroll to the menu called «Game.» The checkbox for crossplay should be the very top line. If it's unchecked, check it and this should allow crossplay.

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