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EVE Online's New Lancer Tech II Dreadnoughts Bring A Powerful AOE Punch To New Eden, Coming With Viridian Expansion

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EVE Online debuted new Tech II Dreadnoughts today, which were hinted at by CCP Hellmar during the anniversary stream earlier this month.

The new Lancers bring a powerful AOE attack to EVE Battlefields, aiming to shake up capital combat in the spaceship MMO.The new class of ships is coming with the new Viridian expansion, which debuts in June.

Lancers are a new Tech II Dreadnought class of hull that brings new, specialized combat tactics to the battlefield. The biggest differentiator is the new AOE weapon the ships get their name from — a new lancing weapon inspired by the Titan's Doomsday beam.

And with it comes some devastating new changes to combat — especially if your ship is hit by its blast.«These ships will be equipped with new area-of-effect disruptive lance beam weapons derived from titans’ lance doomsdays that are designed to disrupt and manipulate the battlefield.

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