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Electric GM Cars Will No Longer Support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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General Motors said it will kill support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its future lineup of electric vehicles, Reuters reports(Opens in a new window).

The move means that iPhone or Android owners will no longer be able to mirror their phone’s screens in a GM dashboard display, though gas-powered models, which GM will continue to produce until 2035, will still offer CarPlay and Auto.

The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer will be the first GM EV that will no longer offer the features. GM will instead provide its own navigation and infotainment systems which it has been designing with Google since 2019.

As Reuters notes, the Google collaboration will be more tightly integrated with GM’s Super Cruise driver assistant and will include access to Google Maps and Google’s voice assistant, at no extra cost to the vehicle owner for eight years.

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