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Elden Ring Player Makes Albert Einstein

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Elden Ring, the latest title from FromSoftware, gives gamers a lot of control over the gameplay experience.

Players can choose their class, their weapons, what activities they want to do, and certain abilities. They can also use Elden Ring's epic character creator to produce unique and detailed avatars.

Some dedicated fans of the title have even taken to recreating real people in-game, like the Reddit user who recently posted the likeness of a famous historical figure that they created.There are many things that Elden Ring does better than other FromSoftware games, which includes character creation.

The creator allows players to fully customize their characters, and so it should come as no surprise that some imaginative fans have taken to unleashing the full power of the title's in-game tools.Elden Ring Player Points Out Creepy Detail About Envoy CrownIn a recent photo on Reddit, user oEmersonKs showed their creation, which looks almost identical to Albert Einstein.

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