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Dying Light 2: Carriers X Side Quest Walkthrough

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In Dying Light 2, you will have the option to join many factions and organizations and work for them during the virus outbreak in The City.

Every faction and organization will require you to complete certain missions and tasks before you are considered a part of their team. RELATED: Dying Light 2: How To Find The Secret Developer Room One such organization in Dying Light 2 is called Carriers Guild, whose purpose is to provide courier service to the people of the city.

This guide will go over the tenth side mission for the Carriers Guild organization, Carriers X, and provide a complete walkthrough of it.

After joining the Carriers Guild organization, you will have to deliver mails to the marked locations. There will be a total of ten side quests that you will get from the Carriers Guild organization storyline, where Carriers X is the last one.

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