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Diablo 4 - Barbarian Talents Guide

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Learn about the Barbarian's talents in Diablo 4.By Jason Rodriguez on The Barbarian in Diablo 4 uses a wide range of armaments.

Apart from the skills/abilities that can be unleashed, there are also talents that grant powerful boons. Here's our Diablo 4 Barbarian talents overview guide to help you with the perks that you can unlock and select.The Diablo 4 Barbarian talents, similar to other classes, use a tier grouping system.

You can unlock certain options upon spending some talent points, and a few can also be upgraded further. We've enumerated them below, noting the possible upgrades and connected nodes.

Likewise, you'll want to look at each passive's effect. Some provide general buffs to weapon types, while others synergize with specific mechanics (i.e., bleeding, berserking, fortify, and more). Core tier/grouping talent options Defensive tier/grouping talent options Brawling tier/grouping talent options Weapon Mastery tier/grouping talent options Ultimate tier/grouping talent options The Diablo 4 Barbarian talents also have Key Passives, which are unlocked once you spend 33 skill points.

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