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Cyberpunk 2077 Background Dialogue Casually Confirms The Existence Of Human Hunting

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Night City is a pretty awful place to live, and Cyberpunk 2077 wastes no time in setting that up. No matter which Lifepath you choose, V isn't getting on very well, as Corpos, the criminal underworld, and even conflict with the NUSA as a whole wreak havoc on the city.

Now, one player has come across some throwaway NPC dialogue that makes matters even worse. In a conversation between bystanders that most players would miss, a couple of Night City citizens casually confirm the existence of hunting humans for sport.

Yes, really. In this dialogue, one character tells another that they know a guy who organises "runs" in Northside. She then specifies that she's talking about "homeless hunting", giving us a good idea of how the Corpos of Night City get their kicks.

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