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Cities: Skylines has sold 12m copies

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Cities: Skylines has shifted 12 million copies to date. That's according to the game's official Twitter account, which revealed this sales milestone yesterday (Tuesday, June 22nd).

This comes over seven years after Cities: Skylines' initial March 2015 release date. The game was published by Sweden's Paradox Interactive and made by Finnish developer Colossal Order.  “We are grateful for how active Cities: Skylines community is, and we’re overjoyed to see them sharing their passion for city-building games with us,” Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen said. “It's been a dream come true seeing the game resonate with so many players during all these years.

We keep listening to the feedback we receive and we are committed to working hard to bring even more joy to our fans in the future”.

At last official count – back in March 2019 – Cities: Skylines had shifted six million units. That means that the game sold the same quantity of units in its first four years on the market and its most recent three years, pointing to a solid acceleration of sales.

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