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Circus Electrique Mixes Steampunk Simulation & Turn-Based Combat

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The upcoming RPG game Circus Electrique is a unique turn-based title that combines fighting and circus management.

The innovative game was first announced in late 2021 and is set to release sometime in 2022. While numerous action and turn-based games have recently started implementing more simulation and sandbox mechanics, Circus Electrique appears to combine the elements in a unique way, making it an interesting choice for those who enjoy experimental titles.

When Circus Electrique was announced, it teased a turn-based game about a team of circus performers in 1899 fighting for their lives as madness takes over the people around them — all while still needing to perform at the circus.

The turn-based tactical genre is one that's become increasingly popular in recent years, with titles like Darkest Dungeon and Slay The Spire offering fresh new takes on common tropes and garnering wider audiences for the style of gameplay.

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