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Bungie Wants Players’ Actions to Affect Everyone in Marathon

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Bungie was featured prominently during yesterday's PlayStation Showcase event. The developer (acquired by Sony for $3.2 billion last year) teased the next Destiny 2 expansion, Final Shape, though the most exciting part was the unveiling of Marathon, their upcoming project.This isn't a new IP, as old-school PC gamers will certainly remember the trilogy of first-person shooters released for MacOS by Bungie between 1994 and 1996.

Rumors had also correctly predicted the return of Marathon, albeit in a very different form loosely inspired by the extraction shooter games ala Escape from Tarkov.Of course, a developer like Bungie wouldn't simply be content with copying what worked in another game.

In a Q&A posted on the developer's website, Game Director Christopher Barrett discussed some of the ambitious design goals of Marathon, such as allowing individual players to affect the game's persistent zones in a global fashion.

Our design philosophy here is to have players affect the story of the world through their choices and their actions. This approach also lets us shape the overall narrative direction of the game experience while giving players a direct sense of agency and power.

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