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BOTW’s Most Overpowered Weapon Has A Place In Tears Of The Kingdom

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The upcoming could include one of ’s most powerful weapons. There is a vast array of weaponry available in, ranging from simple branches to enchanted swords, and any (or all) of these could soon return in.

However, in terms of raw power, one weapon in particular stands equal to the Master Sword, if not above it. One of the most prominent features of is its approach to weapons.

Almost every single weapon (and shield) in the game can and will break after enough use. The implementation of weapon durability in, and perhaps in , means that the player needs to continually scavenge for new weapons.

The Master Sword, of course, is an exception to this, but enough use will still see it lose power and require a recharge. However, this is not the only item in with unusual restrictions placed on its use.

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