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Bing AI Chat Comes to Edge Browser, Lets You Share to Facebook and Twitter

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Though Bing’s recently unveiled AI ChatGPT 4 integration has taken something of a back seat to the even more recent Copilot content-generation feature for Microsoft 365, the Bing story continues to evolve, with more capabilities emerging every few days.

After the initial awe followed by dismay when the service revealed a dark side following multiple-hour sessions, Microsoft swiftly curtailed conversation lengths.

First the company capped chat sessions to a mere five exchanges and 50 per day, before loosening it to 10. Now the company has increased(Opens in a new window) the number to 15 and a day’s total to 150.

The quality and speed have also been improved. Microsoft says it’s “testing an optimization on ‘Balanced’ mode that significantly improves performance,” but delivers briefer answers.

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