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Before you even got a chance to try 8K here's the first 110-inch 16K TV

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When it comes to PC gaming, there's still a reasonable debate to be had over the merits of 4K versus ye olde 1440p. But forget all that because the world's first 110-inch 16K TV has now been revealed.

For now, it's a prototype item rather than something you can actually buy. The actual resolution is 15,360 x 8,640 pixels. And that means this monster is essentially four 8K pixel grids jammed together, or sixteen 4K displays.

Or a ridiculous 64 1080p panels, if you want to get really silly. To put another very big number on it, we're talking no fewer than 132,710,400 individual pixels.

Of course, each pixel is made up of red, green and blue subpixels. So, that's 398,131,200 individually addressable subpixels.

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