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Atlas Fallen Gets First Proper Gameplay Footage, Lots of Info from Deck13

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Yesterday's Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer might have left more than a few fans wanting, given how brief it was.Thankfully, developer Deck13 (Lords of the Fallen, The Surge 1 & 2) has redeemed itself in this regard with a detailed developer diary published today that features more gameplay and also a lot of information on Atlas Fallen.Deck13 founder and creative director Jan Klose explained: We wanted to keep some things (from previous games), like the fast pacing and the action, and we even wanted to increase it.

We have super cool agility in the game world. We want to use it not only for combat but also for exploration, so a lot of the game is about agile movement, verticality, and exploration.

We have a big world where you can find different things everywhere and this is what we really want, to encourage the players to use all this agility and movement to explore and find cool stuff.

It's a really deep, layered world. Atlas Fallen is about sand and sand magic. Part of this are the enemies called sand wraiths, which are made of sand and some weird bone structures and they have a lot of different ways to move and to shapeshift.

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