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Adin Ross calls for a ban on hot tub streams, compares the category with gambling

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Popular streamer Adin Ross gave his take on the hot tub/pool category on Twitch in a recent livestream. The streaming platform introduced the controversial Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category after such content began going viral under Just Chatting.Speaking about it on stream, Adin Ross gave a scathing review of the streamers who broadcast while being in hot tubs or pools.

According to the creator, such content should not be facilitated on the Amazon-owned platform. Adin, 22, also compared the category to gambling in that both promote poison and cause addiction.Adin Ross is undoubtedly an influential figure in the streaming community.

With over 7.7 million followers on Twitch, he has had an eventful online career thus far. Before jumping into his views on hot tub streams, the reader should note that he was an avid gambler on Twitch before, among other gambling sites, was banned.Calling Twitch to put an embargo on hot tub content, Adin said:Continuing his rant, he commented that the category promoted adult content, which should not be allowed on the streaming platform.

He said:Before the clip was cut out, he also brought up ASMR streams, which have their own category on Twitch as well. The clip was shared in the popular live-streaming community on Reddit, r/LivestreamFail, which led to extensive criticism of the streamer for his association with Andrew Tate.

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