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How did Adin Ross get so close to Andrew Tate? Exploring the internet personalities' association

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Twitch streamer Adin Ross and controversial internet star Andrew Tate have been acquainted with each other since the middle of 2022.

Despite the latter's incarceration, the duo claim to be very good friends.Their first meet-up happened online when Adin invited Andrew Tate to his Twitch stream.

With that, Tate added himself to the long list of celebrities to have appeared on Adin's Twitch broadcast.In July 2022, the duo met over a Discord conference, which was the start of what turned out to be a coalition between the two individuals.For those unaware, Andrew Tate and Adin Ross, at least in the initial stages of their acquaintances, had starkly different personalities.

Adin is more akin to the W/L community, characterized by a hyper-energetic demeanor, loud music, and a laid-back approach, while Andrew typically has a more somber and hypermasculine outlook on life.The duo's first encounter turned out to be more of a coaching lesson given to Adin by the self-proclaimed Top G.

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