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"Trying to break me": Andrew Tate sends newsletter to fans from prison, complains about cockroaches and bed bugs in email

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Andrew Tate recently sent out his first email newsletter to fans since being arrested by the Romanian authorities last month on charges of human trafficking, detailing certain aspects of his life in prison.The long newsletter titled 'My first email from Imprisonment' talks about his "unjust" imprisonment by the authorities and Tate's promise to keep sending his followers daily lesson plans.

A YouTube video from one of his supporters shows almost all of the email, which begins with a description of his cell and seems like a huge downgrade from his palatial mansions.Alleging that "they" are trying to break him by giving him a pest-ridden prison cell with no light, Andrew Tate wrote:Despite losing his recent appeal for bail and getting his prison sentence increased by one month, the self-proclaimed Top G has maintained that he is innocent from the very beginning.

So it was no surprise that the controversial figure reiterated the same story in his newsletter.The newsletter did seem a little inconsistent with the characterization of the prison guards.

Initially, Andrew Tate claimed that the guards were "trying to pour hatred into my heart" when they transported him from prison to the court and vice versa.However, within two lines of this statement, he defended them by saying that the guards are just doing their jobs and have families to feed:What's more, later on, Tate claims that the guards know he is innocent and respect his resolve to never break.

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