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Adin Ross meets an Andrew Tate cosplayer, streaming community reacts

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Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross is one of the most notable associates of controversial internet personality Andrew Tate.In a stream uploaded earlier today, Adin Ross got into a video call with an Andrew Tate lookalike who showed off his dancing skills, something the actual one would not attempt.In the short clip, Adin was ready to see what the cosplayer had to bring to the table.

Seeing the rather sensual dance left the streamer speechless. The farcical clip quickly went viral on social media, including Twitter and the popular streaming community r/LivestreamFail, which garnered hundreds of comments.For those unaware, Andrew Tate, along with his brother and two other individuals, are presently in the custody of Romanian police following incriminating allegations against them.As mentioned earlier, Adin Ross has been a mainstay in the Andrew Tate multiverse for years.

The duo has developed a mentee-mentor relationship over the past few months.In a recent tweet on Andrew's account, the latter claimed to have included Adin Ross in the list of people he would allow to visit while the former remains in custody.Adin decided to platform Andrew again in his latest stream, except it was a cosplayer of the former kickboxer.

Initially amused at the lookalike, Adin quickly became muted after discovering the dance skills of the individual.The clip ended up being a comical one which generated a slew of reactions from the streaming community.

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