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HasanAbi hits back at Adin Ross for wanting Hot Tub content banned on Twitch

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Twitch star Hasan "HasanAbi" provided his take on fellow Twitch streamer Adin Ross, who expressed his displeasure with the Hot Tub content on the live streaming platform.HasanAbi sarcastically remarked that he "loved" Adin Ross being on the "path of radicalization." Upon hearing the former compare the Hot Tub category to gambling, the latter called it a "funny take."The political commentator retorted to Ross, asking why he wanted a "dead meta" to be banned on Twitch.

HasanAbi stated:HasanAbi reacted to the aforementioned tweet by prominent esports personality Jake "JakeSucky" at the one-hour mark of his January 23 livestream.

The conversation started with him saying:After hearing Adin Ross claim that Hot Tub streams are a "problem" on Twitch, HasanAbi started giggling and called it a "funny take." He explained:Timestamp: 01:02:05The Turkish-American personality wondered if Adin Ross was "out of content." He then mentioned the latter "idolizing" controversial internet personality Andrew Tate, who is currently in prison for alleged s*x trafficking.The streamer continued further, saying:HasanAbi's attention was drawn to a viewer who shared a screenshot of Adin Ross' content on YouTube.

Seeing this, the former speculated on why the latter was calling for a ban on Hot Tub content. He remarked:The reaction thread on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit accrued over 110 fan reactions.

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