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"Doesn't he get $1,000 shirts and s**t?!" - Destiny hits back at HasanAbi after the latter claims to live on a "basic necessity budget"

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YouTube streamer Destiny went live on his channel on February 3. During the initial hours, he reacted to a video of Twitch content creator HasanAbi giving his opinion on how much money a person needs.After hearing HasanAbi claim that he lives on a "basic necessity budget," Destiny didn't hold back on his sentiments and called him out on indulgent spending on fashion and cars by exclaiming:The streamer was reacting to HasanAbi's Twitch clip discussing how much money a person requires.

The political commentator stated:The YouTuber paused the video and said he did not believe HasanAbi's claim. The clip continued with the Turkish-American personality saying:Timestamp: 00:21:10Destiny burst out laughing after hearing HasanAbi say that he lives on a "basic necessity budget." He called out the claim by saying:The former Twitch streamer went on to say that HasanAbi travels to Burning Man on a private plane:Before continuing to watch HasanAbi's clip, Destiny added:The reaction thread featuring the streamer's call-out amassed more than 12,100 upvotes, with 3.1k community members weighing in.

Some of the most relevant fan reactions were along these lines:Destiny is a well-known internet personality who has been livestreaming on YouTube since he was indefinitely banned from Twitch.In addition to being a Just Chatting content creator, he has played several popular games on his channel, including Factorio, League of Legends, and Minecraft.Read about your favorite creators only on TikTok Wiki & Youtube WikiPoll : 0 votes Quick Links

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