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"I have officially resigned": BruceDropEmOff leaves OTK day after rage-quitting stream following Mizkif collab

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Twitch streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" Ray has officially announced his resignation from the OTK (One True King) content creator group, marking the third member to leave the fold within a short span of time.The resignation comes a day after he rage quit his stream, as he became frustrated with his chat berating him for collaborating with Mizkif.

This sparked much debate surrounding the reason for the resignation. Minutes ago, he revealed that he was leaving the Austin-based streaming organization with a tweet thanking the group for the opportunity:Seemingly, BruceDropEmOff's departure from the group seems to be on amicable terms.

Here is the reply from the official One True King Twitter account, thanking Bruce for giving his best. They even used one of his catchphrases, "DEO," to sign off the post.The Texas-based group has seen meteoric growth in popularity in the last couple of years and even bagged the Best Content Organization Award at last year's Streamer Awards.

However, they have been mired in a series of controversies since September, which has certainly had an adverse effect on the organization's perception.The two big streamers and co-founders of OTK, Mizkif and Rich Campbell, were involved in two separate s*x crime-related scandals recently, which ultimately led to the latter's resignation in December.

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