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"You can't really say no to MrBeast" - Mizkif explains how he lost a lot of money while gambling in Las Vegas

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During a livestream on January 23, Twitch sensation Matthew "Mizkif" reacted to the "The BEST of Mizkif 2022" video. One segment of the two-hour-long video featured Jimmy "MrBeast's" League of Legends tournament.Seeing this, Matthew recalled their time in Las Vegas, claiming that he had the "best time" of his life after winning $10,000 after gambling.

He then mentioned that Jimmy told him to put his winnings on the table and how he eventually lost "every cent of it."While providing details, the Austin, Texas-based personality stated:The conversation on the topic started at the 01:48 hour mark of his January 23 livestream, when Mizkif was watching the most memorable moments of 2022.

Upon seeing the segment featuring MrBeast's Ultimate Crown League of Legends tournament, the streamer stated:The One True King (OTK) co-owner then mentioned MrBeast telling him to gamble his winnings, saying:Timestamp: 01:48:40Mizkif claimed that one "cannot say no" to MrBeast and proceeded to gamble the money.

He described a series of events that led to him and Joedat "Voyboy" maxing out their credit and debit cards:The conversation concluded with Mizkif mentioning Twitch streamer Hammoudi "Moe," also known as "Yassuo," incurring the biggest loss:The YouTube comments section featured a single fan reaction, in which they stated:Mizkif is a prominent personality in the streaming world and has been livestreaming on Twitch since 2017.

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