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5 most powerful summons in Final Fantasy history

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Summons, also known as Eidolons or Eikons, are powerful monsters that can be summoned in Final Fantasy games. Some stick around and assist players for the entirety of the battle, while others appear once, perform an attack and leave.Across the franchise, many protagonists identify as summoners, but not everyone’s power levels are equal.

An argument could be made about many other summons in the series to be a part of this list.This is the opinion of one writer, and how they see the power levels of various summons in the franchise.Across the Final Fantasy franchise, how summons work tends to vary wildly.

In some games, certain characters identify as summoners, while in others, everyone has access to the power if they equip certain items.Whether called forth by a summoner or activated through Materia and Magicite, summons almost always feature game-changing attacks.

All it requires for a summon to be on this list is that they can be called forth, temporarily or permanently, in a Final Fantasy title.A rather common choice, Phoenix stands out as one of the more useful healing/support summons.

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