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Elden Ring Players Are Debating Which Boss Is the Most Underrated

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Elden Ring is known for its immense difficulty and a vast open world full of intimidating bosses, making it one of the more challenging games on the market.

Gamers have counted more than 150 optional and mandatory bosses that regularly make their life difficult. These include many notable ones like Malenia, Great Wyrm Theodorix, Mohg, Margit, Radagon of the Golden Order, and many others.Moreover, most of these bosses are distinct from one another and possess a unique moveset that can inflict severe damage.

Oftentimes, fans use the help of social media platforms to discuss different enemies in the game. For example, Elden Ring fans were debating which boss smells the worst not long ago.Elden Ring Fallingstar Beast Boss Fight Ends in HeartbreakSimilarly, some more Elden Ring fans are using Reddit to discuss which is the most underrated boss in The Lands Between.

The discussion started with an image posted by Reddit user dangerswlf36 titled «What is the most underrated boss in your opinion?

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