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5 most awaited Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru

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Genshin Impact will see many new and exciting characters from Sumeru finally making their debuts soon. The list of the most awaited Sumeru names consists of the most popular characters.

And for this article, the primary metric used to determine their popularity was how many Redditors had already joined their respective Subreddits (like r/TighnariMains).Also, this list is only about characters who come from Sumeru.

If a figure is expected to be playable in the upcoming updates but doesn't come from this region, then they won't be on this list.

For instance, readers shouldn't expect somebody like Scaramouche here because even though he is enormously popular, he's not a native to this region.The first playable 5-star character from Sumeru is only ranked fifth overall when it comes to the number of people willing to main them on Reddit.

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