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Yet another battle royale shooter bites the dust: Super People is super over

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The live service grim reaper has come knocking on the door of another multiplayer shooter: Super People 2 (formerly just Super People, confusingly), the PUBG-style Battle Royale game that tried and failed to gain popularity by adding super powers to the formula.

Citing a continuing decline in active player counts that's resulted in overlong matchmaking times and one-sided matches, South Korea based developer Wonder People announced this week that Super People 2 will be shuttered for good.

If you're curious about the shooter and want to give it a try before its termination, it's bad news: the game's client is no longer available for download for anyone who hasn't already installed it once.

On August 21, Super People 2 will be permanently shut down for the remaining few still playing. A good number of people did give Super People a shot: Its peak concurrent player count was over 47,000, according to SteamDB, but by April of this year its peaks were under 1,000.

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