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X-Men Fan Art Project Recreates Your Favorite Mutant (Among 449 Others)

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An amazing piece of fanart, the never-ending «Mutant Icon Project» by artist Carl Broaddus, compiles every known X-Men and Marvel Comics mutant into a massive ongoing collection.

The X-Men are known for having an endless series of evolving characters and costumes, plus new mutant heroes and villains popping up constantly, which makes art like the «Mutant Icon Project» a series that may never end.

While some Marvel heroes costumes have remained relatively similar over the years, like the main core of the Avengers cast, the X-Men have massive costume changes for almost every era they exist within, which means the «Mutant Icon Project» will always have new looks to draw on for inspiration.

Since Jonathan Hickman's acclaimed 2019 relaunch of the X-Men franchise in House of X/Powers of X not only have there been a slew of newly introduced mutants such as Somnus, Escapade, and the Arakkii mutants, but there are also long-dead mutants being revived, such as Thunderbird, Skin, and Synch.

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