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"Worth the 100k tuition": HasanAbi reacts to his TikToks being played by college professors

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Clips from political commentator and Twitch streamer HasanAbi are apparently being used by college professors in classrooms from notable American universities."HasanAbi" Piker is known for his progressive take on current affairs and is a self-proclaimed socialist.

He has a huge following on the Amazon-owned platform with over 2.4 million followers. Twitch Tracker currently rates him as the No 5 English streamer with an average concurrent viewership of 32.6K over the last thirty years.After clips of his TikToks being shown by a college professor went viral, Piker himself replied to a tweet posted by one of his editors captioned:The American-Turkish streamer is known for his outspoken views on social issues and spends most of his streams talking about American politics.

His views have frequently put him at odds with other content creators such as GreekGodx, who he personally called out for spreading anti-vaccination conspiracy theories during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.He is an ardent supporter of universal healthcare and other progressive reforms, and attracts large left-leaning crowds to his streams, where he talks about current affairs.

HasanAbi's critique of capitalism and capitalist talking points are no surprise to those who follow him. However, what surprised many of his fans was when clips showcasing his TikTok being used in a college class went viral on social media.Many joked about universities charging north of $10K in tuition fees per semester only to show clips in class that could have been viewed with or without subscribing to HasanAbi's Twitch channel.A different clip was also circulated, posted by Twitter user 'Jacob Pincus.

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