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Why Homelander Doesn't Use His Full Powers in The Boys

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Warning! Spoilers for The Boys comic book and television series There's a major reason why Homelander never uses his full powers on The Boys, as the comic book's writer once explained the danger he faces by doing so.

In an old interview, Garth Ennis, who co-created The Boys alongside Darick Robertson, shared that Homelander is always holding back his considerable power because he knows if he ever fully unleashes it, Vought-American will drop a nuclear bomb on him.

Homelander's entire existence is based around the Vought-American PR machine that makes The Boys Supe their most marketable and important hero in existence.

However, in the comic book series, Homelander's origin is all a lie. While the general public believes that, like Superman, he fell from Earth and was raised in humble beginnings, Homelander was actually the product of Vought-American's experiments, as he was kept in confinement with a nuclear weapon ready to go off if he ever lost control.

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