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Jack Quaid Says The Boys Made Him Immune To Lower Decks Criticism

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Jack Quaid reveals how The Boys influenced his reaction to criticism of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Well-known for parodying real-world issues and the comic book genre, The Boys centers on a world where superhumans have been commercialized to the public as heroes, with their darker natures carefully concealed by the corrupt corporate overlords at Vought International.

Featuring graphic violence and explicit nudity on a near episodic basis, showrunner Eric Kripke has continued to push the boundaries of the series' outrageousness in season 3, culminating in the introduction of the infamous “Herogasm” episode.

Based on a similarly named event in the comic books by Garth Ennis, the episode depicts an annually held Supe orgy. Surprisingly, one of Quaid's other projects, Star Trek: Lower Decks, featured an episode last year that received attention for a similar reason.

The season 2 episode, titled “I, Excretus," saw the crew of the Cerritos tested inside a series of holographic simulations. Transported back to an iteration of the ship infected by the psi 2000 virus, dramatically lowering the inhibitions of all crew members, officer Beckett Mariner is confronted by the sight of her many naked colleagues engaged in an apparent orgy.

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