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The Boys Proves That Jensen Ackles would Have Made A Great Hawkeye

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In so many ways, it’s really difficult to picture anyone else playing Clint, the arrow-shooting member of the Avengers, now that audiences have seen Jeremy Renner’s fabulous performance of this nuanced and versatile character.

He has become so iconic, and still potentially has some exciting scenes ahead with this challenging and rewarding role.But the recent appearance of Jensen Ackles as the character Soldier Boy in The Boys, has reminded fans that Ackles was once in the running to play Hawkeye, and has made fans everywhere question whether or not he would have done such a stellar job with the character as Renner has.

Ackles is a very accomplished and well-loved actor, and has really struck a chord with fans worldwide. But is that enough to make him a hero, to make him an Avenger?9 worst things Homelander Has DoneIt’s obvious that Jensen Ackles can play the American hero, with all of the trials and tribulations associated with that.

Being a member of the Avengers, Hawkeye is a pretty important character, and a member of society who is loved by millions within the MCU.

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