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The Justice League's 'Homelander' Moment Shows Humanity SHOULD Fear Them

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Warning! Spoilers for The Boys by Dynamite Comics The Justice League and Homelander from The Boys might have taken two totally different approaches after visiting the President of the United States at the White House, but both proved having superpowers makes them well above the law.

In JLA: Classified #12 by DC Comics, the Justice League easily passed armed guards in one of the most protected places on Earth and got to the office of President Lex Luthor, showing that, like Homelander, they don't abide by the elected authority when they don't want to.

One of the most insane moments from The Boys comic book series is when Homelander finally lost control and went on a killing spree at the White House.

After being tricked into believing he was responsible for some horrifying actions he didn't actually commit, the Supe finally broke, going to the White House and murdering the President.

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