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Why Golf Is Missing From Nintendo Switch Sports At Launch

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Nintendo Switch Sports was missing quite a few sports and activities from its predecessor on the Wii, but golf was one of the most noticeable, and many people are wondering why.

Nintendo Switch Sports finally brought the beloved activities from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort to the Nintendo Switch. Using the motion controller like they did with the Wii, players can play solo, take on local players, or even play online.

When Nintendo Switch Sports was released in April 2022, it came with six sports for players to participate in: volleyball, soccer, badminton, tennis, chambara, and bowling.

This is a small list compared to the thirteen sports included in Wii Sports Resort. Many fans were excited that the Nintendo Switch was finally getting its own version of the successful Wii game, but the limited amount of sports is a disappointment; hopefully, more will be added to Nintendo Switch Sportsin the future.

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