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Who is Mew? FaZe Clan member gets indefinitely suspended following sexual abuse allegations against him

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Twitch star Kerry "Mew" made headlines on November 22, 2022, when content creator Ashtro (@ashtronova) accused him of sexual abuse in a post shared on TwitLonger.In the 3,417-word-long address, Ashtro provided an in-depth account of the sexual abuse that she allegedly suffered at Mew's hands.

Shortly after the revelation, FaZe Clan announced that the streamer had been indefinitely suspended from the esports organization.Mew acknowledged FaZe Clan's announcement, stating that he agreed with the organization's decision.

He added that he would "seek and hold" a proper investigation and that he would "take legal action against these allegations."Trigger warning: This article contains a description of the alleged sexual abuseIn a TwitLonger post shared on November 22, 2022, Ashtro stated that a long-time friend and teammate did "something terrible" to her.She then mentioned how she was invited to Mew's subathon a year ago, claiming that he had asked her to be a part of a vlog that was never released:Ashtro then recalled that during her last night at the content house, she went out to a club with Mew and other creators like Leo, Bailey, and Niko.

She said:The streamer elaborated on the sexual abuse allegations in the next section of the TwitLonger post, saying:Ashtro then claimed Mew started "love bombing" her over the next few weeks by gifting her things like flowers, chocolate, snacks, teddy bears, and plushies.

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