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"This entire situation is extremely unfortunate" - Twitch streamer Mew responds to sexual abuse allegations

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Twitch streamer Kerry "Mew" responded to the sexual abuse allegations presented by content creator Ashtro (@ashtronova) on November 24.In a TwitLonger statement earlier today, the Twitch streamer claimed that the situation is "extremely unfortunate," and that he is losing respect from his friends and money from sponsorships and partners:The 1,926-word-long address started with Mew mentioning FaZe Clan's ongoing investigation into the allegations made by Ashtronova.

He stated that he was "still evaluating" legal action, saying:According to Mew, the incident Ashtronova mentioned happened in September 2021.

He claimed that both of them consented and that the latter "never voiced any concern" about their interaction until last week:The address continued, with Mew responding to the allegations in the listed format.

He refuted Astronova's claims of having "completely professional" discussions, claiming that they "traded compliments and flirty messages" prior to her visit:Mew mentioned going to a bar with his friends Bailey, Leo, Faria, Youki, Jessie, and Chua after the subathon.

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