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"I felt so bad" - Pokimane reveals why she left The Roomies' Thanksgiving party early

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During a recent stream, Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" talked about her experience at a Thanksgiving party with fellow streamers and friends.

She explained that she had to leave the party early due to her rigid sleep schedule. She also mentioned that she usually avoids having dinner at late hours.The Thanksgiving party included familiar names such as AriaSaki, Miyoung, Sykkuno, and Yvonnie.

However, the dinner was not served before nine, and it was challenging for Pokimane to stay up. She stated that she felt bad for having to leave early:The OfflineTV co-creator took to her Twitch stream to explain that she has adopted a healthier sleeping schedule that requires consistent sleep timings.

Speaking about the recently concluded Thanksgiving party, she said:(Timestamp: 01:14:39)She continued:Imane appeared to have accepted the tradeoffs of maintaining a healthy lifestyle:After someone in the chat joked that she was growing older, Imane hinted that she preferred to stick to her sleep cycle because it allowed her to function better.

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