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"This is a new era" - TommyInnit reveals he has a girlfriend in his latest YouTube video

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Popular Minecraft YouTuber Thomas "TommyInnit" announced his new relationship status and unveiled (sort of) his partner in a video.

Tommy referred to her as "Em" and said she would remain anonymous. She is unlikely to appear in future videos, either.He teased the premiere of the bombshell video on his alternate Twitter account, but many fans were quick to dismiss it as clickbait.

Em can be seen and heard in the video, but her face is blurred. Tommy made it clear that his partner would not be joining his content stream.The English Minecraft YouTuber released a video discussing his new relationship status.

It is being speculated in the community that "Em" might stand for Emily. At the moment, not much is known about her, but Tommy seemed excited to have her in his life.TommyInnit did not elaborate on how long they have been dating.

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