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IShowSpeed tries to buy Cristiano Ronaldo's signature Jacob & Co. watch, fails miserably

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YouTube star Darren "IShowSpeed" often finds himself in a comical situation or two. Such was the case when he tried to purchase the latest Jacob & Co.

watch in collaboration with football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. It is no secret that the YouTuber has an unyielding affection for the Portuguese footballer.When Speed saw the latest Jacob & Co.

X Ronaldo watch, the streamer could not resist but to ring the offices of the company to enquire about the product. However, upon realizing that it could cost as much as $145K, Darren flipped and shouted at the manager of the store causing the store to block his number.Seeing the latest collaboration between Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and jewelry and watch company Jacob & Co., IShowSpeed boarded the hype train by trying to buy the watch.After briefly struggling to find a way to buy it, the YouTuber stumbled upon the contact details of the Jacob & Co.

store in New York. An eager IShowSpeed expressed his intentions to buy the watch regardless of the cost. However, when the store manager revealed that the series ranges between $20K and $145K, the YouTuber exclaimed:(Timestamp: 02:42:49)The store manager realizing that he was dealing with a minor disconnected the call.

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