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"I'm not a scammer": IShowSpeed deletes VOD of stream promoting Paradox Metaverse, apologizes to fans

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Popular YouTuber and streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" has deleted the VOD of a recent controversial stream where he promoted Paradox Metaverse, a new cryptocurrency project that has been widely criticized as a scam.The divisive streamer was in England to attend a Manchester United game, hoping to see his favorite player, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

While he was in the United Kingdom, he made a livestream sponsored by the English crypto project, which featured PlayStation 5 giveaways and a Ronaldo impersonator.Live reactions to the stream were overwhelmingly negative, with viewers repeatedly spamming "L Scam" in his YouTube chat as project founder Amio Talio called on viewers to follow Paradox Metaverse on Twitter.

IShowSpeed has since deleted the VOD and apologized for being involved with the sponsored stream, saying:Paradox Metaverse is a pay-to-earn NFT game that touts itself as an "AAA-quality, open-world battle royale" title`.

The main of the developers is to sell NFTs and cryptocurrency.The title appears to be largely based on the Lyra Sample Game, a learning resource for game developers using Unreal Engine 5.

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