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"I've never done this" - xQc abruptly ends livestream, leaving fans wondering

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Twitch sensation Felix "xQc" left the streaming community puzzled after an abrupt conclusion to his livestream on November 23.The streamer was speedrunning Minecraft when he noticed something on his second monitor and immediately quit the game.

The French-Canadian immediately stated that he needed to attend to something "very important," and asked his viewers to excuse him for ten minutes.When xQc returned, he announced that he would be wrapping up the broadcast.

While bidding farewell to his audience, Felix said:Felix voiced his sentiments about a Minecraft speedrun attempt at the 03:38 mark of his most recent livestream.

xQc then noticed something come up on his second monitor and sprinted out of his streaming room, saying:The former Overwatch pro returned a few minutes later, stating that he had an urgent matter to attend to:Timestamp: 03:38:13xQc returned ten minutes later (03:38:53) and stated that he would be concluding the day's livestream.

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