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5 streamers who broke things on livestream in a fit of rage

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Over the past decade, streamers have managed to acquire celebrity-like status. Many have gradually become the face of the entertainment industry due to their burgeoning popularity.

One of the main reasons viewers tune in to watch the streamers is down to their diverse personalities.With a range of streaming content available online, streamers often have to produce a unique range of emotions and expressions to keep the viewers glued to their stream.

One such occurrence that can be seen across all cultures and language groups is streamers breaking things after losing their temper.This article will look to list five such incidents when streamers break things.Darren "IShowSpeed" is known for his signature over-the-top reaction coupled with his outrageous rants.

One of the main reasons why he has garnered such an exorbitant amount of views and subscribers is down to the fact that he has always managed to produce some spectacular moments during his live streams.On several occasions, he has been seen breaking or disrupting his set-up due to his antics.

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