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Who is Wirtual? Twitch streamer goes viral after finishing a difficult TrackMania map in 60 hours.

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A 23-year-old Norwegian Twitch streamer and esports player Øyvind "Wirtual" has finally accomplished the long-awaited task of completing the TrackMania map called Deep Dip, a tower-structured map that has several levels.

However, the most challenging part of the map is the fact that it has no checkpoints, which means that players will not be able to save their progress.Wirtual is a seasoned TrackMania player who has participated in numerous competitions involving the game and has also had the opportunity to commentate on some of the most esteemed TrackMania events.As stated earlier, the Deep Dip map is a challenging one due to the exclusion of checkpoints.

Players who inadvertently fall from one level are likely to plummet down to several levels which will eradicate their progress.The map has 15 floors that are built by different mappers.

This includes custom voice lines, easter eggs, and "deeper dips", suggesting that the falls will be longer. The map also has "Getting Over It" references, which has been dubbed one of the most grueling and punishing games in recent history.At the start of the map, Wirtual stated that it was going to be one of his biggest tasks yet.

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