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Weekend Hot Topic: The easiest video games ever made

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Readers discuss the easiest video games they’ve ever played and whether they resented the lack of challenge or welcomed it.The subject for this week’s Hot Topic was suggested by reader Gonch and was inspired by the ongoing debate over how hard video games should be.

We wanted to know what the easiest game you’ve ever played is and whether you think it would’ve been better or worse if it was harder.A lot of readers mentioned narrative based games, with little in the way of traditional gameplay, but also very mainstream games like Fallout and Uncharted, that want as many people as possible to play them all the way to the end.Sleeping on the job I think Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart may be the easiest game I’ve ever played.

I’ve played a few other games in the series (don’t ask me which ones) and I didn’t remember them as being especially easy, but with this one it was like I was just going through it on autopilot, which given how good the graphics were shouldn’t have been happening.I definitely think it led me to losing interest in the game quite quickly and by the end I really didn’t care and was just eager to sell it on and play something else.To me an easy game is pointless.

If it’s a story game, with no real gameplay, then fair enough but if it’s supposed to be an action game then there’s just no point if you’re going to fly through everything without even trying.

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