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Leaving Genshin Impact Behind Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

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It has been several months since I uninstalled the weeaboo pyramid scheme that is Genshin Impact from my PS5. I was a regular player ever since its release, drawn into its Breath of the Wild-esque gameplay, compelling worldbuilding, and beautiful cast of anime characters.

On paper, it was a game that felt made for me, but it was also one that understood all the most cynical ways to exploit my worst impulses.

So I pulled myself away and never looked back. Ever since my teenage years I’ve had an addictive personality, and will spend money or jump through hoops to obtain things in games like Genshin Impact or Overwatch even if I’m not in a position to do so financially.

That doesn’t matter, I’ll worry about the consequences later as I spend precious pennies on primogems or loot boxes to earn a hero or skin that will elude me forever unless I find a way to earn it right now.

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